On approaching the scenes of carnage in Hackney, an ominous omen greeted us. A man came running away from the melee looking distressed. Blood was running down his face, his t-shirt was ripped in half and he was missing a shoe. We asked him what had happened and his answer was simple; 

“I had a camera!” 

It was a strange situation. As illustrated by our disheveled friend, the rioters were none too pleased with being snapped. Despite their apparent disregard of any consequences to their actions, their devolution seemed to stop at ignoring the lingering risk of retrospective punishment. 

Although I have aspirations to do so, I have never shot in a war-zone. If I had done however, I should imagine that my subjects would be a lot more worried about the threat of heavy machine gun-fire than a Canon 5D. Using this logic, I have deduced that Afghanistan would be a piece of piss compared to the JD insurgency.

Huck is a lifestyle mag rooted in surf, skate and snowboarding but they often run articles on activism. Whether these recent scenes of theft, arson and violence can be classed as ‘activism’ is very questionable of course but they seemed to like this image and ran it as a spread. Considering I have been a massive fan of the magazine since issue 1, I was rather pleased with this.