A simple question...What does it take to be great? Alpha Century and Toshiba sent us to find out. We found our answer in Matt Gerdes, professional base jumper, travelling to epic Chamonix in the French Alpes to document the incredible sport first hand. 

We journeyed with Matt every step of the way, from the warmth of his wood fired log cabin up the gruelling mountain climb, fitting into his wing suit at the peak and then the inevitable jump and glide down over rocky crags and forests. 

What we found surprising was how candidly Matt spoke about the sport. He didn't shy away from the obvious dangers it holds. It was refreshing to hear a sportsman talk about the limits of the human body and mind within such an extreme activity. 

The commercial received Campaigns Ad of the Day and has been shown across European cinemas, TV and online as well as short form idents for Channel 4’s ‘Live from Space’ which aired on UK television.