As the third anniversary of the Syrian conflict approached, Save the Children wanted to highlight the suffering of Syria's children, always the forgotten victims. 

A young girl's life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. Could this ever happen in the UK? This is what war does to children.

The film asks a difficult question: What if the conflict in Syria were taking place in London?

“We wanted to make something which would resonate on a global stage which felt contemporary and relevant to modern audiences,” says director Martin Stirling. “This directly fed into our creative treatment which became framed by the ‘one second a day’ device.”

The short film tells the story of a child affected by war, supported by a stunning performance from a talented young actress named Lily. “She gave one of the best performances I’ve ever seen,” says Stirling. “That’s why we kept the effects and technical aspects in the background.”


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“Logistically it was incredibly challenging, we had two days to shoot what is essentially over 60 different scenes, Each lasting only one second.” Director Martin Stirling